Karo Kumstova is an award-winning barista and coffee consultant, writer and editor currently based in Berlin. With extensive professional experience in cafes and roasteries across Europe, she has provided cafe and barista services to mutliple speciality coffee establishments in Europe. Her love for coffee and creative writing has also led her to join the European Coffee Trip, where she currently works as the senior editor.

A Specialty Coffee Association of Europe-certified national Brewers Cup champion (Czech Brewers Cup Championship Winner 2016, Prague), Karo has represented her home country on the coffee’s biggest stage (World Of Coffee 2016, Dublin), and in addition to her role as Senior Editor at one of Europe’s most popular speciality coffee guides (European Coffee Trip) she has made guest writing appearances on several coffee publications.

She has considerable experience providing event, restaurant and café management, coffee preparation & serving, and private barista training services.

Since Karo has moved to Berlin, her personal interests and writing have been shifting. Although she has remained engaged with the speciality coffee industry, her personal work has focused primarily on music, poetry and other forms of creative expression. Reflections of her works will eventually appear among the existent content on her website.

Berlin Barista & Coffee Consultant: Karo Kumstova