BGE Voting

by Karo Kumstova — on  , .


Since the Barista Camp in Italy, there has been a lot of buzz running all over coffee corners as young motivated baristas put together their manifestos for the future of the Barista Guild of Europe in which they want to take part as members of the working group.

The voting is not over yet!

There are several roles to vote your candidates to and if you are a member of SCAE it would be a real shame to waste your voice and not vote.

Everyone who applied to become a member of the working group has put together their reasons for doing so as well as a manifesto for the future of the BGE.

Please take your time to read them and engage in creating a stronger coffee community in Europe.

Good people in action will lead to better coffee and further on sustainable businesses in producing countries. Simple as that, click here to access the manifestos.


– Karolina