Coming up in November

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This year turned out to be full of changes. Those brought me new opportunities and new projects to focus on, time and space to explore different areas of interests and, to be fair, great amount of fun too.

This time of the year has got several projects and events running that I would like to draw attention to. I have the chance to participate at some of them and in the other case I am excited to read a review on those.

While having a very colourful and quite warm autumn in Berlin I will brake from the german capital for three days in Paris to report on CoLab:Paris. CoLab has been on my travel agenda even earlier than the Barista Camp and I am super thrilled I get to go, not only as a visitor returning to Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world, but also to discover it through my wide-opened coffee eyes, covering the event as part of the European Coffee Trip team. Super proud and super excited!

Everyone who is into coffee, party, coffee party… and lives in the UK is probably at Cup North this week. The event takes place in Manchester and spreads over two days in the best form of all, a coffee party. Hannah Davies (@Hannah_BD) who runs the organisation of the event has managed to put together two days of diverse workshops and tastings, while also incorporating the competition structure into the program. I am excited to get the results of the UK Cup Tasters Championship as well as the Coffee Throwing Championship. The latter being organised by Tamper Tantrum is a promise of fun, while also giving all the proceeds of the competition to charity. The first will surely present a strong sensory base of baristas from all around the UK. There is more cool stuff on, such as the Coffee Lab, offering cupping sessions with green beans importers – Cafe Imports, Nordic Approach, Coffee Bird and more. Latte art throw downs will showcase the best pours and Tamper Tantrum hosts presentations of six speakers during the Sunday afternoon, including Sang Ho Park of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Chloe Callow of the Caffeine Magazine or Colin Harmon of 3FE in Dublin. Don't miss out on this one, the panel discussion starts at 16:20. I have been to Manchester once. If it is rainy it is more of a good reason to spend the weekend at the Victoria Warehouse. There will be food, wine tasting, great people from the industry and it will smell amazing. Hannah Davies ran for the Events Co-ordinator position within the working group of the Barista Guild of Europe and I believe that Cup North is the best showcase of her skills and management.

The end of the year for me will be mostly a competition prep-time as I have signed up for the Czech Brewers Cup competition. It is with a great pleasure to see the popularity of competition rise in the Czech republic. Competing baristas gain so much experience and access connections with mutually interested and driven folks from the industry, this experience is not to be undermined. I am thrilled to launch myself into learning another competition routine and progress in hand-brewed coffee. Constant learning is what we all appreciate in the coffee industry.

Competition time in Czech is split into two separate events this year, Barista and Brewers Cup will be held at the end of January in Prague and Latter Art, Cup Tasters and Coffee in Good Spirits are to be held later in February in Brno. More information will be posted here as we get closer to the end of the year!

While still working as a barista I have been blessed with amazing people surrounding me, giving me perspectives on what I do and what I could possibly do in life. Watch out for more posts from the CoLab:Paris, new coffee discoveries and read recommendations. I have been busy with writing and doing some edits for ECT and every time I get the chance I am catching up on reading with the legends, links follow:

Standart Magazine released its third issue and I am digging the cover's colours! I especially enjoyed the piece by Jeremy Challender on sharing data and creating a space and methods of evaluation of our brews. Check it out! Standart can be purchased in partner stores and cafes across Europe and beyond, or even better, delivered to your mail box! In Berlin I spotted the magazine at Silo Coffee, Westberlin Mediashop and The Barn coffee roasters. Good reads accompanied by good coffee and food. You want that!

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood shares some ideas and plans for his coffee future at his colonaandsmalls blog and we have a lot to look forward to. Roastery plans, running the UK SCAE Chapter, news within the Water for Coffee book. It is all there!

Until next time,