Ladies Inspiration-Motivation

by Karo Kumstova — on .

Abroad, I have lived with some of the best people in my life. My friends that I have spent the time with away from home, foreigners or Czech, have been my family away from home. All of those friends are incredible humans and many of them are an endless source of inspiration and motivation.

Inspiration and motivation

I have always known this, but have been coming to this realisation in intervals, as my life has progressed, my personality has evolved, I have built up opinions, collected experiences and searched for perspectives in life. And friends would always be those who helped me with that. My last realisation had me thinking about all those people I'd met and how I cherish having crossed paths with them.

It has been two years since I've moved to Berlin... that also means four years since I have lived abroad. Knowing that I value my friendships with those amazing people even more, for them always helping me to do things that I love, laughing and enjoying every second I get. And they say that every minute of laughter gets you five more minutes of life. Well, it seems I may be here for a while then!

My friends are better than yours

This could easily be named 'An Ode to My Friends', since that is exactly what I have intended to do.. at least I think of it everytime I see them... so if you cannot take other people being better than you, this is not your read... cause my friends are better than yours! :D

I don't know how do I always manage this, but since my first summer in London, I have been nothing but lucky with my housemates. I moved in with the most caring person I knew then. Marie would split into halves if it helped at least one person she remotely knew. And she is still like that. Teaching me to accept only positive energy, choosing my battles and letting the negative vibes flow past me. I cannot be happier for her and the adventures that she is heading for.

Housemates, or in the case of London even roommates, bedmates, and generally, people that you live side-by-side with, are people that know you in and out. They stick with you, or you split up. You cannot hide anything from your housemate. Your moods, your happy moments, your stress, or your laziness. Paja knew mine very well, and she stuck with me. She also managed to work full time - or it at least seemed like full time to me, study outside of London, pay for her studies, save money, travel and amaze everyone around her at the same time. The kindest and the most down-to-Earth person I have ever met is honest, real, kind and caring. She is an absolute gem... that I will see in Summer!

Accidental encounters are sometimes the best. Sometimes, you don't have any other option but to like that person instantly. Maybe because they remind you of yourself, you see similarities of the side of yourself you like the best.. and sometimes you see a better, future version of who you could be, too. Kamila would be that person, always there, no matter how far she'd be, always ready for an adventure, inspiring, hard-working, active, alive. She is just alive and her energy is contagious. And I'd bet she'll be the same when we are 50, sharing travel stories over a shot of some peppermint spirit.. because some things (and people) don't change, they are always great!

You cannot take your house/soulmates for granted. They are a constant inspiration and an ever-present challenge to your ideas, opinions, tastes... Carmen definitely is. She is the ultimate Motivation-Inspiration Lady. The one who'd always try harder, work harder, who pushes herself to achieve results, and will push you too... all the while telling you nothing but positive, uplifting things you so need to hear in that moment. That is because she has got the biggest heart of all. Open, respectful and full of understanding, compassion and love.

The list of the humans that are super precious to me is long, but at home is a good place to start, at home is where you come back to after having absorbed emotions, perspectives and ideas the whole day. And you can talk, be quiet, cry or laugh, and if you feel safe, you have a good housemate then. I do!