Transit time

by Karo Kumstova — on .

I have been playing around with the idea of joining a creative writing group, author-writing seminars, or at least asking friends for interesting topics that I’d include in my writing practice, in order to work on my style and creativity, vocabulary, as well as grammar.

It came as an interesting coincidence that a friend of mine recommended me to attend an author reading event in Berlin. It invited all writers to take the stage for five minutes, telling a short story, or a poem, a dialogue or a song, written by them on the topic of Transit.

Challenging myself

I love a good challenge, perhaps more for the idea of being challenged and the need to make myself work for it, rather than actually being the best at the task. I like the process that leads up to the end of the challenge, the restriction of time for me to achieve something. I work better under pressure and with something worthy at stake. And what could be more worthy than time?

I took the opportunity immediately then, sat down with my notebook and scribbled down the first stream of thoughts that evolved around the idea of Transit. There were a couple of suggested twists on the topic, be it the Transit from A to B — on our way to the event, perhaps — or the Transit, or rather transformation from something known to something new. I must have been thinking about my own sort of Transit before that, subconsciously, or, maybe, knowingly, but not giving it much attention. Reflecting on the story now, I think that it has always been in my head and that I understood a little bit of myself writing that five-minute short thought. The actual read would have taken me probably less than that, but I never got to read it!

Blaming it on being busy, I was really confused about the dates that week. Not only have I had to skip a gig of Future Islands, one of the best bands I could imagine seeing live, I also let myself believe I had one extra day before the Transit event.

Call for feedback

And so despite me not coming to the event, or perhaps because of it, I decided to give it a go and let the words resonate in those of you who kept on reading until this point — or gone to my website at all, for that matter — reading them ‘out loud’ in your own heads. Read on and you will understand the last pun!

I think I made the best of the challenge for myself, and it would mean the world to me to know your thoughts on how I did. If you are reading this, you are already a part of my extended group of friends with diverse ideas, opinions, thought processes and I would like to use all of your input to become a better writer. Give me your feedback, and I might eventually be writing something that more people will enjoy reading. Thank you!


There are no better sounding words than the ones that you speak out so loudly— in your head! They help you bridge the gaps, hug the sharp corners and forgive the unforgettable, understand what is outside of limits… you ply the words carefully and neatly or spray them on the wall in all shapes and sizes— in your head— zig, zag. So much effort is put into this silent conversation with everyone & no one, but yourself, in your head. So much clarity, sense and understanding is strived for when you reason with yourself and others.. but no second opinion is offered within your private conversations. You believe you understood, you had the conversation, but then the train stops. Please, mind the gap between the train and the platform.

You see, not even five minutes!